Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Internet is Slowly Dying

This is a much deeper video about a topic I don't think many people know about, how basically the internet is slowly crumbling and dying around us. (Fun times!) Thank you all so much for watching, and the immense support on the last video, I hope you all enjoy this one just as much, even if it's not about something as funny, or has a plot twist halfway through, as far as I know at least.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Castrati - The Sad Story of the Boys who were Castrated to Become Singers

Castrati - The Sad Story of the Boys who were Castrated to Become Singers - Historical Curiosities - See u In History

The Messed Up Origins of Brave

The Only Intact Royal Tomb Ever Found in Egypt | ATG Highlights

In the excerpt from Season 3, Episode 2 of the Antiquities Travel Guide, Dr. M and Natalie Hilder take you to Tanis to see the only intact tomb of kings ever discovered from ancient Egypt. This is a highlight from a longer episode of the Antiquities Travel Guide, you can watch the full episode here:    • Secrets of the Li...  

Style Theory: School Dress Codes Will RUIN Your Life!

Don't miss an episode! ► Dress codes kind of suck, don’t they? Sure, they allow us to express individuality and show off cute school outfits in grwm videos on YouTube. But, they also come with annoying rules that cause many students to get suspended! So with the last day of school approaching, we wanted to break down WHY dress codes don’t work. But more importantly we’ll figure out HOW dress codes are impacting society in a negative way.

A Race to Ancient Secrets - Extra History

Use code EXTRACREDITS50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at ! French Savant Pierre-François Bouchard finding the Rosetta Stone is just the beginning of unlocking the secret language of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Along with the efforts of Thomas Young, a polymath, Jean-François Champollion a talented linguist, and the discovery of the Philae Obelisk, the code was finally broken! * Watch us ad-free & get 1 week early access at: * OR * Suggest & Vote on our next episode ( Get exclusive content ) & 24-hour early access here: * OR * Show off your fandom with our merch here:

The Kiffness x Kyro (Singing Cat) - Kitty Caught a Mouse

Available on all streaming platforms here: Original video by @leoandkyro (Tiktok & IG): EUROPE TOUR 2023 TICKETS:

New Blogger Blog

 Hi all :-) If you've been reading us awhile, you already know that is rolling back to its pre-blog days. We are a...